Crime Victims Assistance Partnership (CVAP)

The Crime Victims Assistance Partnership (CVAP) seeks to educate, support, and assist victims and their families with the financial burden brought about by the tragic occurrence and aftermath of violent crime in the District of Columbia. CVAP assists with the reimbursement or direct payment to providers of necessary services as a result of crime (such as medical treatment), that are not covered by sources such as private insurance, medical aid programs, or other benefits.

CVAP, led by the Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center, consists of the D.C. Crime Victim Compensation Office, the Mayor’s Office of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs, the Metropolitan Police Department (Asian Liaison Unit), and other community partners. The program is funded by the Office of Victim Services of the Executive Office of the Mayor. Through CVAP, APALRC’s services include educating the Asian Pacific American community about public safety, reporting crimes, and assisting victims with applying for crime victim compensation. Since the project began in 2001, the APALRC has screened over 600 victims and has assisted nearly 100 Asian victims with applying for compensation.

Have You Been a Victim of a Crime in DC?

If you have been a victim of a crime that occurred in the District of Columbia, and have been determined to be eligible for compensation through CVCP, the APALRC can help with the application process and case management. This may include payment for medical costs, lost wages, and other compensation costs that have directly resulted from being a victim of a crime.

We will assist with filling out applications, compiling supporting documents and evidence, and being the point of contact with the D.C. Courts in managing your case.

To request assistance or for additional details, please contact the APALRC’s Helpline at (202) 393-3572, ext. 22. For additional details on the CVCP program, please visit the DC Courts’ official site.